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Two-Wheeled Time Machines: Vintage Motocross

Ahh the smell of motorcycle fuel and cow shit can still plonk me back into a muddy field in Northern England circa 1988. This is a great film celebrating vintage motorcross much before my time. Now where did I put my Lifes a Beach flame beret?


A Period of Juvenile Prosperity by Mike Brodie

I don’t know whats more captivating the subject matter of these youths train-hopping across America or the pictures of them actually doing it. Either way thank god Mike Brodie was around to document this truly amazing, modern day Huckleberry Finn shit. Via


Matix X Dickies Board Shorts

Discovered this excellent video on Cycle Zombies, I’m always seduced by the SoCal garage life that CZ and their associates present so well. Suppose it stems back to being a grommit in middle England in the late 80′s and seeing similar images in copies Trasher and Transworld. Anyway back to the subject of selling shorts, […]


Pop, bang, growl: BMW 2002

This video goes to prove you don’t need to spend silly money to have the coolest ride on the block. This pretty much perfect BMW 2002 is just the right balance of vintage and performance. I can imagine how this pops n growls when you drop a cog an hurtle forward. Its worth checking out […]


Nicolai Sclater – Ornamental Conifer

When I was at art college I had a friend called Lee, he was a great skater, but most notably when we were all studying graphics and getting all excited about Apple Macs and Photoshop, he chose to pursue the fine art of signwriting. I’d catch up with him at on the bus home and […]

Skater Sartorialist

Skater on Sartorialist

This picture from the satoriaist has me in conflict, first tsked at the hipster tote and ankle rolls, but then backed up and considered the nonchalant lean and proper double kick board rather than a stupid londboard, then got happy again. I think I’m okay with it now?

Boston sour

Whats it be? Boston Whisky Sour

Its Friday evening and I’m ready for a drink, considering its so bloody cold outside I reckon a Boston Whiskey Sour is in order. Really warming and cosy, an Amaretto Sour is just as good if you’re not a whiskey type but just don’t forget the egg white, its the egg white that changes a […]