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VW x Beastie Boys

VW killing back in the day with this era defining advert. If you need me to explain it you won’t ever get it. (Those indents and line breaks need sorting out though. Graphic Designer Pedantry)


Accidental graphics: A Knob

Sometimes an image literally falls onto a page in front of you, yup I’ve been particularly busy today.


The Skartorialist

I’ve never known a skater who isn’t borderline obsessed with their threads, this a great pastiche and actually more interesting than the original. Lets hope it gets some more posts soon. I saw a guy bombing down Queens Road weaving between the traffic the other day who should’ve been on this, coloured jeans, baggy cardigan, […]


Brown Bing of Beauty

God this is a beautiful series of images, but there again most of the boards on SaturdaysNYC look this way. Theres something really appealing about the combination of hard industrial textures and fluid surfboard forms. This Root Beer (Brown;) Bing Dharma is so beautiful I don’t think I could bring myself to even wax it.


Micheal Fordham – California Road Trip

Following on from my last Cali centric post heres another Brits romantic view of surfing in California. I liked this films general vibe and props to Micheal Fordham for getting The Guardian to bank roll it (I s’pose thats what happened). I spent a little while reading the comments on the Guardian website and there […]