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12 Years of DFA: Too Old To Be New, Too New To Be Classic

Last year I found an interview with James Murphy talking about his motivation and life in music. It was so honest, inspiring and human I posted about it here along with some gushing about ‘Losing my edge’. So I’ve included that interview again in this post to bookend this fab film celebrating DFA records 12 […]

San Sisco

Indie corner – San Cisco & Parquet Courts

I seem to go in phases of discovering new music and I’ve been a little worried that my current listening was becoming a little Gilles Petersoncentiric. As it turns out I was saved by the indie god Steve Lamacq when he played these two slices of alt, indie, slacker, hipster, rock or whatever the fuck […]

hill bombing

Sheffield hill bombing

This picture captures the rush of hill bombing perfectly, I love seeing the groms in Brighton casually hurtling down some serious inclines, I swear I even saw one texting once. Also remember you don’t need a wrongboard, err I mean longboard to go fast down a hill, a regular double kick is just fine. I […]


One Rad Triumph Bobber

I’ve seen this bike countless times but strangely never written about it. Well todays the day my friend, heres some rad pics of Christophe Canitrot’s Triumph. Boy is this special in so many ways, but its the Shimanno DX kick start and RatBones chain tensioner that tickle to my particular cultural reference points. Via Also […]

Sandie Shaw Morrissey

Sandie Shaw &The Smiths – Hand In Glove on TOTPs

Wow I’ve never seen this video before, its ace and Sandie Shaw looks hot in this (in a drunk, mums mate kinda way.) Anyway its all going off at the moment due to Mozzers Autobiography release. I found this video in a good article in The Guardian


Shawn Stussy, then and now.

I came across these two interviews within a fews days of each other so it seemed obvious to stick them together to bookend the importance of the Stussy brand to me personally. I remember this BBC film when it was on TV and it blowing my mind. This was pre Internet so the only way […]


C90 go! Bali breaks beater

This made me smile and reminded me of the good times spent whizzing around Bali on a c90. Love the knobblies and saddle bag, would like to know where this ratty build originates from but my source stops here.