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Magnus Walker: Turbo Fever

I know, I know, this films been around a while but I had a little rewind on it earlier and theres something so special about these early Porsche 911 Turbos. Also I’ll never tire of seeing the juxtaposition of Magnus sartorial style against, these precise, pieces of teutonic engineering. Love it!


Connan Mockasin – Do I Make You Feel Shy?

This guys been on our radar for a while but I’m still amazed how relatively unknown he is. Well for the uniformed he’s called Connan and he makes dreamy, hazy, lazy songs like this which’ll make your day sunnier and better than it was. Anyone else fancy a bit of karaoke now?


Nick Halkias – The skateboard collector

This is such and incredible little film featuring Nick Halkias skateboard collection. He’s got some absolute killers in there and some rad little stories attached to many. If you’ve every rolled around on one of these useless wooden toys do yourself a favour and find 10mins to watch this. Via Skatebaorder Magazine which has its […]