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Keep on Pushin…

This should be compusarly viewing for anyone having a bad day. If you’ve ever rolled along on one of those ‘useless wooden toys’ then you’ll sure as shit know the feeling of freedom this beautiful little film by Ricki Bedenbaugh shows. And anything with Natas Kaupas and Kris Markovich in is alright by me. Skateboarders […]


London has surf: Finisterre store visit

I was gonna title this post ‘Sex Wax & the City’ in fact I actually Googled it in certainty that someone must have used it before but apparently not, in the end though even I couldn’t stomach a pun that far. So whatever lets move on, recently whilst dashing between meetings through a freezing cold […]

Caribou mixtape

The Longest Mixtape – 1000 Songs For You

Everyone loves a mixtape right, either making them or receiving them. Well Dan from Caribou must really fancy us all as he’s made a mixtape consisting of 1000 of his favourite songs. Click here to see all the tracks, theres bloody loads of them and I’ve listed below a few which made me whoop out […]


This guy…

I’ve had a patchy surfing year in 2014 to say the least, with the exception of a few local highlights and trips to Sardinia and Basque country, my 2014 surfing sucked. This was thanks to limited local waves, work bullshit, chaotic & traumatic personal life and an injured & ageing body. So when this guys […]


Twin and Fin Less // || \\ Tyler Warren and Derek Hynd

Wow this is the kind of surf film that gets me seriously frothing, for me it doesn’t require huge waves, ball shrinking drops or air time. Its all about the flow and these two fellas have it in spades. Also the moody, grainy photography and plodding doom rock soundtrack make this irresistible to me. This […]


Ornamental Conifers Top 10 with El Solitario

I’m a big fan of top whatever amount, lists. So whilst recently visiting the very rad ElSolitario I was stoked to see an interview/top 10 from sign writer and artist, Nicolai Sclater. Its a really honest and varied choice of records and can relate to many of the choices especially Beasties and the Pharcyde, both […]