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Porsche 911SC Martini Hot Rod

This tale begins at me seeing this pretty blue 911SC on The Escape Road Instagram and being entranced. A quick IG comment later and its builder and creator Matt Hart directed me to the full story on a forum post entitled ‘My 911 Martini Hot Rod ‘. You know when you read car articles they […]


Happy Valentines from Roman, Jason, Graydon & me

Just incase the postmans delivery was on the light side this morning, heres one of my favourite little films from the beautiful minds of Graydon Sheppard, Jason Schwartzman and Roman Coppola. I still love you all and remember ‘sometimes you just have to take yourself on a date, know what I mean?’ Yes I do […]


Sriracha Sauce, Bali and Beastie Boys

This interesting article decoding the classic Sriracha label recently popped up on the excellent Cool Material, well it got me thinking just how long I’ve spent staring at that bottle. It reminds me of The Streets lyric ‘Chatting shit, sitting at the wall table telling jokes playing with the salt, lookin’ out the window’. I […]


Swrve Deck Jacket – Brand heads up and review

I came across the cycling apparel brand Swrve via a random Pinterest search result (take note brands not using good old Pinterest). Ideally I was after something that would look like a Barbour or Belstaff off the bike, but be light and have all the features of a cycling jacket. A pretty impossible search I […]


Punks, Poets and Promos: Ft. Stance and Mitch Abshere

Its a fine line to tread when brands put together promo films, I saw an example this week featuring a very well respected street skater by a very large footwear brand. Normally I’m onboard with both subjects output, but this time it was way off. Too much product, not enough meat if you get what […]