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UNIV x Hosoi Hammerhead Surfboard, yes I said ‘surfboard’

Some how this slipped under my radar until now, which is a shame as its just about the most wonderful thing I’ve seen in a very long time. Amazingly a classic Christian Hossi Hammerhead skateboard profile can not only look like a rad surfboard but from the looks of this ace film it actually rips […]


Alex Frings Photography

The way we devour images thanks to Tumblr and Instagram can be a disorienting experience, sometimes and it takes something really special to jump out from the visual clutter. Thats what happened when I chanced upon Alex Frings photography. Explore more of his work via his Instagram and website, be below are a few of […]


Zane Lowe & Rick Rubin

I’ve just listened to Zane Lowes last radio show. Its Friday afternoon, the first rays of springtime sun are shining through the studio so I’m feeling quite benevolent towards Zane, although some of his musical alliances I can never forgive, (Mumfords, Pendulum, Muse, I could list more) but thats just personal taste. The bottom line […]


Chris Harris at Geneva Motor Show

Traditionally motor shows are normally only on the radar of motoring journalists and dudes who wear car branded apparel, thats not a cuss, its just they’re like most trade show, relatively niche. Until this year, I’ve noticed there’s been unusually high levels of exposure for the Geneva Motorshow by some less than typical sources. From […]


Stevie Gee bookshelf tour

Other peoples bookshelves fascinate me, its always the first place I gravitate towards when I’m a visitor in someones home. A quick sideways scan of these shelves can give you an instant, multi-layered perspective of someone, of which it might take years in conversation to find out the same level of insight. Its like John […]