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New denim day: Whistles x Edwin collaboration

My little girl once asked me on the way to school, “why don’t you have to wear a uniform to work?” To which I replied “I DO!” Its an oxford shirt, sneakers and a pair of jeans. Majority of the time you’ll find me in the studio in that get up, and I think its […]


Chopper profiles: Cycle Zombies x Stance Party

I dropped in on Cycle Zombies recently and saw this incredible series of shots taken at a Stance party recently. Its really refreshing seeing these bikes photographed in isolation with no background to distract you. This way you can really take in the unique subtle styles of both bikes and riders. Below are a bunch […]


World Log Riding Exhibition Sydney

Super 8 film, tie dye comp vests, lots of hair and judging criteria that include ‘Most Jive’, this is how all surf comps should be. Brought to you by the crew behind ‘The Insects that are not aliens surfing club’. who I always visit and feel like they’re my own little secret, psychedelic corner of […]