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Kurt Cobain – Sartorial Pissings

I was embarrassing pleased with that terrible pun in the title so please feel free to internally groan. After years of denial I can now say I was proud to have been growing up at the height of the G word. I saw Nirvanas legendary first show at Reading on an overcast Friday afternoon aged […]


David Carson – All For a Few Good Waves

Its safe to say I’m a self confessed David Carson fan boy, in fact I wrote some words for Hickory Nines website on him a few years ago that you can still read here. So discovering this recent film of him talking design and surf from his incredible Caribbean holiday home is just about my […]


Patagonia – The Stories We Wear: Tom Doidge-Harrison

I’ve said it before on this blog but I think I’m allergic to new things, whenever something new comes to me the first thing I need to do is get some wear and tear on whatever it might be, clothes, bikes, surfboards. Then if I really love something the challenge is to see how much […]


Old Visvim never dies

Wow just read this incredible post on Visvim website where Hiroki says ‘Whenever I get a new pair of shoes, I immediately break them in by stepping on the left shoe with my right foot, and the right shoe with my left foot. It’s similar to getting a hair cut, and wanting to get over […]


Interview: Ben Part – Sideburn

Here are Wheels on Toast we’re huge magazine fans, always have been, always will be. That feeling of getting a new magazine, smelling the print, straining the spine open for the first time, its just rad. I’ve always had to buy a lot of different mags to cover all my interests and Sideburn has always […]


Antoine Gaslais Prints and Porsche

Really pleased to discover the latest Petrolicious video sheds some more light on this very familiar old Porker, seriously if you browse through instagram #WheelsandWaves this lovely Bahama Yellow Porsche 912 is probably the most photographed ride at that event. Its really good to finally learn about its providence from owner Antoine Gaslais and see […]


Video: Tame Impala – The Less I Know The Better

This new video by Tame Impala continues somewhat of a running theme in their videos of teenage lust. (See their promo from the other year which featured was every school boys fantasy) Anyway side from the smooching, this video has some gorgeous graphic work and visual transitions. The part that really blew me away is […]


New denim day: Whistles x Edwin collaboration

My little girl once asked me on the way to school, “why don’t you have to wear a uniform to work?” To which I replied “I DO!” Its an oxford shirt, sneakers and a pair of jeans. Majority of the time you’ll find me in the studio in that get up, and I think its […]


Things That Can Kill You – Death Spray Custom

This is an amazing short film showing a brief insight into the twisted, glorious mind of the painter Death Spray Custom. If you haven’t seen his work on various bikes, cars and helmets then you’re missing out. Its like Hurst, Bacon, Haring, Seen and a 1970s custom car show all thrown into a blender. Rad […]


Interview: Nick Ashley from Private White VC

In the fickle world of menswear Nick Ashley is the really deal, and certainly not your typical fashion guy. One minute mixing it up on the track at DirtQuake, the next minute dusting himself down ready for London Fashion Week. As Creative Director of Private White VC he’s forged a vision for a brand which […]