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Just a few moments of motion

I have a handful of sites I often visit which I can always depend on inspiring and informing me. EndlessBummerNY run but Toddy and crew are one of those few. On the face of it EBNY is another surf blog, but delve deeper and you find it full of off topic gems, such as this […]


How to pack for Goodwood

Just in case you need any last minute tips heres a splendid short film by Private White VC featuring their Creative Director, Nick Ashley. If you haven’t every been to Goodwood Revival you really are missing out, *best weekend in the UK by a country mile. (*Best if you like vintage cars and clothes, I […]


TCSS Jumbled Jacket Overview

Wetsuit jackets are still quite a rare sight to see here in the UK. I’ve only seen them on rad folks in films or magazines, normally perched on the end of a log or blazing down the line with it unzipped, flapping in the wind like they’re Ozzie Wright. Being a surfer in Blighty the […]


Swrve Deck Jacket – Brand heads up and review

I came across the cycling apparel brand Swrve via a random Pinterest search result (take note brands not using good old Pinterest). Ideally I was after something that would look like a Barbour or Belstaff off the bike, but be light and have all the features of a cycling jacket. A pretty impossible search I […]


Punks, Poets and Promos: Ft. Stance and Mitch Abshere

Its a fine line to tread when brands put together promo films, I saw an example this week featuring a very well respected street skater by a very large footwear brand. Normally I’m onboard with both subjects output, but this time it was way off. Too much product, not enough meat if you get what […]


London has surf: Finisterre store visit

I was gonna title this post ‘Sex Wax & the City’ in fact I actually Googled it in certainty that someone must have used it before but apparently not, in the end though even I couldn’t stomach a pun that far. So whatever lets move on, recently whilst dashing between meetings through a freezing cold […]


Ozzie Wright on The Selby & Dr Martins in skateboarding

I dropped by the The Selby as its been a while and revisited this tour of Ozzie Wrights gaff in Sydney. Its as rad and random as you’d imagine. Go have a look here. It was also a timely chance to have a rewind of this cool film about him on Desillusion magazine a while […]


Adidas Skateboarding – The Legend of Stan Smith

I’m happy to see that old school Adidas sneakers seem to be back in favour with today skaters. I’ve very fond memories of the early 90s skate period when sports shop sale racks were full of Adidas Gazelles and Superstars prime for the taking. This is a cool little video thats makes me smile and […]


Shawn Stussy, then and now.

I came across these two interviews within a fews days of each other so it seemed obvious to stick them together to bookend the importance of the Stussy brand to me personally. I remember this BBC film when it was on TV and it blowing my mind. This was pre Internet so the only way […]


RuPaul Drives…Henry Rollins

There little more to say other than watch this, theres a fair few nuggets of wisdom that are certainly worth hearing (omit the Robin Williams bit as this was filmed a while ago and I’ve since heard he apologised). Anyway the real star of the show is RuPauls clean Volvo 240 coupe (although those rims […]