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Sriracha Sauce, Bali and Beastie Boys

This interesting article decoding the classic Sriracha label recently popped up on the excellent Cool Material, well it got me thinking just how long I’ve spent staring at that bottle. It reminds me of The Streets lyric ‘Chatting shit, sitting at the wall table telling jokes playing with the salt, lookin’ out the window’. I […]


Fuck Thats Delicious: Action Bronson & Brick Lane Bagels

Vice are really onto something with the Munchies website, well I always seem to be watching on of their films and I guess I’m not the only one. Anyway one of their highlights is always Action Bronsons show ‘Fuck thats delicious’. If you haven’t seen it before theres a whole archive for you discover. But […]


Bonhams fine wine auction

Lost a few hours of my life on the Bonhams fine wine auction earlier. I’m far from a wine aficionado but know enough to know what tastes good and what I’d use to cook with. My usual barometer of wine choice is to go for the one with the nicest label. And I’ve got to […]


Radness Unlimited: Then and now

Whilst walking up London Road in Brighton the other Sunday I saw this pile of BMXs outside a burger shop (Right pic). Instantly it reminded of an image indelibly burnt in my mind from childhood (left pic). In a hurry as usual I managed to whip out my phone and grab a quick snap and […]

Boston sour

Whats it be? Boston Whisky Sour

Its Friday evening and I’m ready for a drink, considering its so bloody cold outside I reckon a Boston Whiskey Sour is in order. Really warming and cosy, an Amaretto Sour is just as good if you’re not a whiskey type but just don’t forget the egg white, its the egg white that changes a […]