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Must see: The Was – Avalanches & SodaJerk

Whoa! Like Whoa!! Its all I could initially muster after seeing this incredible film by Australian video collective SodaJerk. The combination of The Avalanches new music (which I’ve been waiting for for about 15 years) scoring a mash up of clips from what feels like my personal video and dvd collection, where do I begin? […]


Happy Valentines from Roman, Jason, Graydon & me

Just incase the postmans delivery was on the light side this morning, heres one of my favourite little films from the beautiful minds of Graydon Sheppard, Jason Schwartzman and Roman Coppola. I still love you all and remember ‘sometimes you just have to take yourself on a date, know what I mean?’ Yes I do […]


Twin and Fin Less // || \\ Tyler Warren and Derek Hynd

Wow this is the kind of surf film that gets me seriously frothing, for me it doesn’t require huge waves, ball shrinking drops or air time. Its all about the flow and these two fellas have it in spades. Also the moody, grainy photography and plodding doom rock soundtrack make this irresistible to me. This […]


Stay Away

This recently popped up on the interweb and it was right up my street, so to speak. So if you’re also into super artsy, surf, skate bullshit, which happens to feature Ziggy from the Wire then this’ll be your thing too. Then maybe we can become friends and have a sleepover where we’ll chat about […]


How to sell your car by Cool & Vintage

I was put onto these incredible shorts from Cool & Vintage by Paul Garlicks twitter, Pauls a fella who I can always depend on hitting the mark when it comes to automotive cool, at least for my tastes anyway. I’ve seen folks use film creatively for selling cars before, this cheeky Porsche number springs to […]


Peninsula and other Italian surfing goodness

I had a few nice tweets with David Pecchi earlier this year, who’s a lovely chap and one of the folks involved and featured in Peninsula, a surf movie I’ve been waiting a quite a long time to see. Anyway it would seem its due out really soon, so it gives me an opportunity to […]


RuPaul Drives…Henry Rollins

There little more to say other than watch this, theres a fair few nuggets of wisdom that are certainly worth hearing (omit the Robin Williams bit as this was filmed a while ago and I’ve since heard he apologised). Anyway the real star of the show is RuPauls clean Volvo 240 coupe (although those rims […]