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Kurt Cobain – Sartorial Pissings

I was embarrassing pleased with that terrible pun in the title so please feel free to internally groan. After years of denial I can now say I was proud to have been growing up at the height of the G word. I saw Nirvanas legendary first show at Reading on an overcast Friday afternoon aged […]


Peninsula Holding Company

I was turned onto this video by one of my favourite corners of the internet, MKSIM. Max who run MKSIM has got impeccable taste in motorcycles and surfboards so it was no surprise to come across this film by Peninsula Holding Company on his site. I was a big fan of PHC back when they […]


Play Fugazi loud (and drink green tea)

I always try to get into the studio really early at least a few mornings a week, so I can be alone and play music very loud, before everyone else comes in and starts moaning about Black Sabbath or Moodyman playing too loud whilst they’re trying to work (work, pah, losers). So this morning Fugazi […]


Must see: The Was – Avalanches & SodaJerk

Whoa! Like Whoa!! Its all I could initially muster after seeing this incredible film by Australian video collective SodaJerk. The combination of The Avalanches new music (which I’ve been waiting for for about 15 years) scoring a mash up of clips from what feels like my personal video and dvd collection, where do I begin? […]


Interview: Ben Part – Sideburn

Here are Wheels on Toast we’re huge magazine fans, always have been, always will be. That feeling of getting a new magazine, smelling the print, straining the spine open for the first time, its just rad. I’ve always had to buy a lot of different mags to cover all my interests and Sideburn has always […]


Februarys forgotten gems mix 2016

So to celebrate posting this on a Friday and to pull you out of the February doldrums we dug in to archives to cut together a mix. No real theme for this one, just a bunch of good vibe songs that we haven’t heard for ages, does it need to be anymore complicated than that? […]


Music & surfing, Salvaged gets it right.

Watching someone glide across a chrome wave, rhythmically flowing from top to bottom has got to be one of the most perfect imagery to accompany music, but how come so many surf films use such terrible songs? Well you’re going to say music is subjective, right? That Trustafarian with an acoustic guitar by the campfire […]


Honest Jons Records via MoWax

I came across this incredibly detailed and interesting article about Honest Jons Record Shop after a series of funny texts with my mate Dan (everyones got a mate called Dan right?). I discovered an old mixtape James Lavelle had done for one time super club Cream. It still blew me away some 20 years later, […]


Wheels on Toast: Tracks of 2105

Here our list of sounds (in no particular order) that have been resonating around the studio over the last 12 months. We’ll not get too hung up on being exactly in what is a ’2015 release’, I’ll leave that kind of thing to the proper musical commentators end of year lists. So you can categorise […]


Video: Tame Impala – The Less I Know The Better

This new video by Tame Impala continues somewhat of a running theme in their videos of teenage lust. (See their promo from the other year which featured was every school boys fantasy) Anyway side from the smooching, this video has some gorgeous graphic work and visual transitions. The part that really blew me away is […]