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World Log Riding Exhibition Sydney

Super 8 film, tie dye comp vests, lots of hair and judging criteria that include ‘Most Jive’, this is how all surf comps should be. Brought to you by the crew behind ‘The Insects that are not aliens surfing club’. who I always visit and feel like they’re my own little secret, psychedelic corner of […]


Just a few moments of motion

I have a handful of sites I often visit which I can always depend on inspiring and informing me. EndlessBummerNY run but Toddy and crew are one of those few. On the face of it EBNY is another surf blog, but delve deeper and you find it full of off topic gems, such as this […]


Last Shazam’d: J D McPherson, Voyage, Jacqueline Taieb

Heres the latest instalment in our adhoc ‘Last Shazam’d’ feature, never edited, strictly as the phone spits it. 1. J.D. McPherson – North Side Gal. If I recall this was a reco from Josh Homme on some radio show somewhere (helpful aren’t I;) Either way its rad and brilliant music to barbecue meat and drink […]


WOT Forgotten Gems Mix 2015: The Guitar Edition

A little while ago we cut together a mix inspired by the forgotten gems that remain languished, unplayed in the depths of our iPods or phones, apart from the occasional shuffle appeareance. It didn’t take long to find enough suitable tracks. So much so that in grand High Fidelity style I sub categorised this first […]


Last Shazam’d: Lianne La Havas, Marianne Faithful, Sebadoh

What would we do without Shazam, right, I must have used it 1000′s of times but I still get a little tingle everytime that result magically drops. And likewise on the rare occasion it comes up no dice, I can’t help but grab the nearest person to tell them ‘I just beat Shazzam’ *even that […]


The Mansion – Rick Rubins Haunted Hollywood studio

I got quite obsessed recently with the music and stories that have come out of Rick Rubins The Mansion recording studio in Hollywood Hills. The mythology of this place is something else, apparently Harry Houdini lived there you know. Its also famously haunted and various resident musicians reporting the same spooky goings on. John Frusciante […]


Zane Lowe & Rick Rubin

I’ve just listened to Zane Lowes last radio show. Its Friday afternoon, the first rays of springtime sun are shining through the studio so I’m feeling quite benevolent towards Zane, although some of his musical alliances I can never forgive, (Mumfords, Pendulum, Muse, I could list more) but thats just personal taste. The bottom line […]

Caribou mixtape

The Longest Mixtape – 1000 Songs For You

Everyone loves a mixtape right, either making them or receiving them. Well Dan from Caribou must really fancy us all as he’s made a mixtape consisting of 1000 of his favourite songs. Click here to see all the tracks, theres bloody loads of them and I’ve listed below a few which made me whoop out […]


Ornamental Conifers Top 10 with El Solitario

I’m a big fan of top whatever amount, lists. So whilst recently visiting the very rad ElSolitario I was stoked to see an interview/top 10 from sign writer and artist, Nicolai Sclater. Its a really honest and varied choice of records and can relate to many of the choices especially Beasties and the Pharcyde, both […]


Remix of the year? Future Islands by Badbadnotgood

Holy fucking shit the bed! This is what happens when one of your favourite records of the year gets worked over and spat our by the BadBadNotGood awesome music making machine. I need to sit down for a minute. Remix of the year by a country mile!