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Blue smoke, blue jeans

Haven’t been able to stop gazing at this shot since I discovered it on the excellent MKSIM blog.


Patagonia – The Stories We Wear: Tom Doidge-Harrison

I’ve said it before on this blog but I think I’m allergic to new things, whenever something new comes to me the first thing I need to do is get some wear and tear on whatever it might be, clothes, bikes, surfboards. Then if I really love something the challenge is to see how much […]


Where does the ‘wow’ come from? Hiroki Nakamura – Visvim

I love that line that I’ve just read in this inspiring and insightful interview with Visvim el capitano Hiroki on Hypebeast. It’s very thought provoking in what makes us go ‘wow what is that? I must have it’ and if you’re of the collecting persuasion, the constant pursuit of that feeling whilst rummaging in car […]


London has surf: Finisterre store visit

I was gonna title this post ‘Sex Wax & the City’ in fact I actually Googled it in certainty that someone must have used it before but apparently not, in the end though even I couldn’t stomach a pun that far. So whatever lets move on, recently whilst dashing between meetings through a freezing cold […]


How to sell your car by Cool & Vintage

I was put onto these incredible shorts from Cool & Vintage by Paul Garlicks twitter, Pauls a fella who I can always depend on hitting the mark when it comes to automotive cool, at least for my tastes anyway. I’ve seen folks use film creatively for selling cars before, this cheeky Porsche number springs to […]