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Honest Jons Records via MoWax

I came across this incredibly detailed and interesting article about Honest Jons Record Shop after a series of funny texts with my mate Dan (everyones got a mate called Dan right?). I discovered an old mixtape James Lavelle had done for one time super club Cream. It still blew me away some 20 years later, […]


A short film on Texas surfing

Two of my favourite things feature pretty heavily in this film, the riding of Longboard surf craft and the musical stylings of Future Islands. Makes me wonder why do so many surf films still use such awful music when its so easy to get right, just use Future Islands, or anything from 1969 by The […]


Chopper profiles: Cycle Zombies x Stance Party

I dropped in on Cycle Zombies recently and saw this incredible series of shots taken at a Stance party recently. Its really refreshing seeing these bikes photographed in isolation with no background to distract you. This way you can really take in the unique subtle styles of both bikes and riders. Below are a bunch […]


Last Shazam’d: J D McPherson, Voyage, Jacqueline Taieb

Heres the latest instalment in our adhoc ‘Last Shazam’d’ feature, never edited, strictly as the phone spits it. 1. J.D. McPherson – North Side Gal. If I recall this was a reco from Josh Homme on some radio show somewhere (helpful aren’t I;) Either way its rad and brilliant music to barbecue meat and drink […]


Curt – The story of surfings oldest grom

In the wake of Mick Fannings miraculous shark escape, this film appeared and shows a much more subtle example of a mans life being saved by surfing. This wonderful documentary by Brendan Hearne documenting Curt Harper is the most heart warming, life affirming film I’ve seem in a very long time. Watching this makes me […]


Ming Nomchong – Photographer par excellence

A friend showed me this interview on with Ming Nomchong, who’s the raddest travel, surf photog I’ve seen for a while. The light and space in these shots could only be NSW, theres something very special about that place, very lush and unique, kinda like Cherry Ripes. Anyway enough confectionary nostalgia, drink in some […]


The Mansion – Rick Rubins Haunted Hollywood studio

I got quite obsessed recently with the music and stories that have come out of Rick Rubins The Mansion recording studio in Hollywood Hills. The mythology of this place is something else, apparently Harry Houdini lived there you know. Its also famously haunted and various resident musicians reporting the same spooky goings on. John Frusciante […]


Chris Harris at Geneva Motor Show

Traditionally motor shows are normally only on the radar of motoring journalists and dudes who wear car branded apparel, thats not a cuss, its just they’re like most trade show, relatively niche. Until this year, I’ve noticed there’s been unusually high levels of exposure for the Geneva Motorshow by some less than typical sources. From […]


Stevie Gee bookshelf tour

Other peoples bookshelves fascinate me, its always the first place I gravitate towards when I’m a visitor in someones home. A quick sideways scan of these shelves can give you an instant, multi-layered perspective of someone, of which it might take years in conversation to find out the same level of insight. Its like John […]


Punks, Poets and Promos: Ft. Stance and Mitch Abshere

Its a fine line to tread when brands put together promo films, I saw an example this week featuring a very well respected street skater by a very large footwear brand. Normally I’m onboard with both subjects output, but this time it was way off. Too much product, not enough meat if you get what […]