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Ornamental Conifers Top 10 with El Solitario

I’m a big fan of top whatever amount, lists. So whilst recently visiting the very rad ElSolitario I was stoked to see an interview/top 10 from sign writer and artist, Nicolai Sclater. Its a really honest and varied choice of records and can relate to many of the choices especially Beasties and the Pharcyde, both […]


Alex Olson in “Streets on Fire (Island)” by Chris Grosso

This dude in my opinion is one of the most interesting characters modern skateboarding has. If your father is Steve Olson (old school legend) it must be quite a lot of pressure when you decide to continue in the family business, but he’s really carved his own path with his style and cultural reference points. […]


Magnus Walker: Turbo Fever

I know, I know, this films been around a while but I had a little rewind on it earlier and theres something so special about these early Porsche 911 Turbos. Also I’ll never tire of seeing the juxtaposition of Magnus sartorial style against, these precise, pieces of teutonic engineering. Love it!


Steve Rocco: The man who souled the world

Finally managed to watch all this documentary and hands down its one of the most fascinating skate films I’ve ever watched. Essentially it charts the rise of street skating in late 80s/ early 90’s and follows the birth of the brands that made up World Industries. Heres a few reason why its rad. 1. Steve […]


I fink you’re well cool: Dj Harvey

“I think I’m supposed to be having a midlife crisis, you know? I’ve got the fast motorcycle and the young girlfriend, I’m considering buying a speedboat, my hair’s getting bigger and bigger. But I don’t feel old mentally in any way, shape or form,” I know what you mean dude Read more: And what about […]


Nicolai Sclater – Ornamental Conifer

When I was at art college I had a friend called Lee, he was a great skater, but most notably when we were all studying graphics and getting all excited about Apple Macs and Photoshop, he chose to pursue the fine art of signwriting. I’d catch up with him at on the bus home and […]

Skater Sartorialist

Skater on Sartorialist

This picture from the satoriaist has me in conflict, first tsked at the hipster tote and ankle rolls, but then backed up and considered the nonchalant lean and proper double kick board rather than a stupid londboard, then got happy again. I think I’m okay with it now?