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Talent and tragedy: Ali Boulala – Epicly Later’d

It seems an injustice to try and briefly sum up the story of Ali Boulala, but some of you will not know who he is and I REALLY want you to watch these, so for those who do know forgive me for being so brief and blunt but here goes. Ali was possibly one of […]


UNIV x Hosoi Hammerhead Surfboard, yes I said ‘surfboard’

Some how this slipped under my radar until now, which is a shame as its just about the most wonderful thing I’ve seen in a very long time. Amazingly a classic Christian Hossi Hammerhead skateboard profile can not only look like a rad surfboard but from the looks of this ace film it actually rips […]


Stevie Gee bookshelf tour

Other peoples bookshelves fascinate me, its always the first place I gravitate towards when I’m a visitor in someones home. A quick sideways scan of these shelves can give you an instant, multi-layered perspective of someone, of which it might take years in conversation to find out the same level of insight. Its like John […]


Punks, Poets and Promos: Ft. Stance and Mitch Abshere

Its a fine line to tread when brands put together promo films, I saw an example this week featuring a very well respected street skater by a very large footwear brand. Normally I’m onboard with both subjects output, but this time it was way off. Too much product, not enough meat if you get what […]


Keep on Pushin…

This should be compusarly viewing for anyone having a bad day. If you’ve ever rolled along on one of those ‘useless wooden toys’ then you’ll sure as shit know the feeling of freedom this beautiful little film by Ricki Bedenbaugh shows. And anything with Natas Kaupas and Kris Markovich in is alright by me. Skateboarders […]


Old/mid-school BMX Instagram goodness

Appologies for the less than snappy title but what it lacks in punch it at least makes up for in information. Anyway I’ve recently I’ve found myself addicted to a few Intagram accounts ran by fine souls who seem to spend their time photographing or scanning their collections of BMX magazines, for us tragic nostalists […]


Alex Olson in “Streets on Fire (Island)” by Chris Grosso

This dude in my opinion is one of the most interesting characters modern skateboarding has. If your father is Steve Olson (old school legend) it must be quite a lot of pressure when you decide to continue in the family business, but he’s really carved his own path with his style and cultural reference points. […]


Stay Away

This recently popped up on the interweb and it was right up my street, so to speak. So if you’re also into super artsy, surf, skate bullshit, which happens to feature Ziggy from the Wire then this’ll be your thing too. Then maybe we can become friends and have a sleepover where we’ll chat about […]


Ozzie Wright on The Selby & Dr Martins in skateboarding

I dropped by the The Selby as its been a while and revisited this tour of Ozzie Wrights gaff in Sydney. Its as rad and random as you’d imagine. Go have a look here. It was also a timely chance to have a rewind of this cool film about him on Desillusion magazine a while […]


Steve Rocco: The man who souled the world

Finally managed to watch all this documentary and hands down its one of the most fascinating skate films I’ve ever watched. Essentially it charts the rise of street skating in late 80s/ early 90’s and follows the birth of the brands that made up World Industries. Heres a few reason why its rad. 1. Steve […]