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Adidas Skateboarding – The Legend of Stan Smith

I’m happy to see that old school Adidas sneakers seem to be back in favour with today skaters. I’ve very fond memories of the early 90s skate period when sports shop sale racks were full of Adidas Gazelles and Superstars prime for the taking. This is a cool little video thats makes me smile and […]


The Skartorialist

I’ve never known a skater who isn’t borderline obsessed with their threads, this a great pastiche and actually more interesting than the original. Lets hope it gets some more posts soon. I saw a guy bombing down Queens Road weaving between the traffic the other day who should’ve been on this, coloured jeans, baggy cardigan, […]


15 years of Gonz

Bit late on this but I can’t be the only one so here you go, I’ll let this film do the taking about ole Gonz. Via


Matix X Dickies Board Shorts

Discovered this excellent video on Cycle Zombies, I’m always seduced by the SoCal garage life that CZ and their associates present so well. Suppose it stems back to being a grommit in middle England in the late 80′s and seeing similar images in copies Trasher and Transworld. Anyway back to the subject of selling shorts, […]

Skater Sartorialist

Skater on Sartorialist

This picture from the satoriaist has me in conflict, first tsked at the hipster tote and ankle rolls, but then backed up and considered the nonchalant lean and proper double kick board rather than a stupid londboard, then got happy again. I think I’m okay with it now?