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MicroWaves and MegaFish from Deepest Reaches

Lovely video here proving the point that the most fun waves are very often the smallest. Getting excited now the nights are getting lighter for a few evening and sunset ankle swingers from watching this. Video via these guys who always do an excellent line in against the grain surf films.


Peninsula Holding Company

I was turned onto this video by one of my favourite corners of the internet, MKSIM. Max who run MKSIM has got impeccable taste in motorcycles and surfboards so it was no surprise to come across this film by Peninsula Holding Company on his site. I was a big fan of PHC back when they […]


Verana Hotel – Mexico

Are you sat at home or work reading this post, thinking you need a holiday? Well just wait until you seen this joint. Nestled in the coastal mountains just outside of Puerta Vallarta, Mexico this is probably the closest thing I’ve seen to paradise. I’ve spent a fair bit time around in and around that […]


Nathan Sadoun by Sebastien Zanella

Holy crap just blown away by these photos from Sebastien Zanella of Nathan Sadoun, making surfing a less than perfect day in France look, well just perfect. I’ve just found theses on the ever amazing DSLmag.


David Carson – All For a Few Good Waves

Its safe to say I’m a self confessed David Carson fan boy, in fact I wrote some words for Hickory Nines website on him a few years ago that you can still read here. So discovering this recent film of him talking design and surf from his incredible Caribbean holiday home is just about my […]


Patagonia – The Stories We Wear: Tom Doidge-Harrison

I’ve said it before on this blog but I think I’m allergic to new things, whenever something new comes to me the first thing I need to do is get some wear and tear on whatever it might be, clothes, bikes, surfboards. Then if I really love something the challenge is to see how much […]


Rubber Soul from The Critical Slide Society

Well its finally starting to feel like we’ve made it through winter, the waters getting warmer and the evenings longer. The inevitable downside is our waves becoming smaller and less frequent. So if like me you’re thinking of pissing off to Europe to score some better waves this rad video from TCSS featuring Mick Rodgers […]


Salty Dog Stories

I was really taken with this Instagram page and website documenting some of the older surf community that have been present in Australias line ups for 40 or 50 years. Their stories and photographs are fascinating and inspiring to anyone who thinks it too late or they’re too old to go surfing. Mark ‘Butter’ Butler […]


Music & surfing, Salvaged gets it right.

Watching someone glide across a chrome wave, rhythmically flowing from top to bottom has got to be one of the most perfect imagery to accompany music, but how come so many surf films use such terrible songs? Well you’re going to say music is subjective, right? That Trustafarian with an acoustic guitar by the campfire […]