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A short film on Texas surfing

Two of my favourite things feature pretty heavily in this film, the riding of Longboard surf craft and the musical stylings of Future Islands. Makes me wonder why do so many surf films still use such awful music when its so easy to get right, just use Future Islands, or anything from 1969 by The […]


Chopper profiles: Cycle Zombies x Stance Party

I dropped in on Cycle Zombies recently and saw this incredible series of shots taken at a Stance party recently. Its really refreshing seeing these bikes photographed in isolation with no background to distract you. This way you can really take in the unique subtle styles of both bikes and riders. Below are a bunch […]


World Log Riding Exhibition Sydney

Super 8 film, tie dye comp vests, lots of hair and judging criteria that include ‘Most Jive’, this is how all surf comps should be. Brought to you by the crew behind ‘The Insects that are not aliens surfing club’. who I always visit and feel like they’re my own little secret, psychedelic corner of […]


Just a few moments of motion

I have a handful of sites I often visit which I can always depend on inspiring and informing me. EndlessBummerNY run but Toddy and crew are one of those few. On the face of it EBNY is another surf blog, but delve deeper and you find it full of off topic gems, such as this […]


Curt – The story of surfings oldest grom

In the wake of Mick Fannings miraculous shark escape, this film appeared and shows a much more subtle example of a mans life being saved by surfing. This wonderful documentary by Brendan Hearne documenting Curt Harper is the most heart warming, life affirming film I’ve seem in a very long time. Watching this makes me […]


Ming Nomchong – Photographer par excellence

A friend showed me this interview on with Ming Nomchong, who’s the raddest travel, surf photog I’ve seen for a while. The light and space in these shots could only be NSW, theres something very special about that place, very lush and unique, kinda like Cherry Ripes. Anyway enough confectionary nostalgia, drink in some […]


TCSS Jumbled Jacket Overview

Wetsuit jackets are still quite a rare sight to see here in the UK. I’ve only seen them on rad folks in films or magazines, normally perched on the end of a log or blazing down the line with it unzipped, flapping in the wind like they’re Ozzie Wright. Being a surfer in Blighty the […]


Valley Kooks: Malibu and Brothers Marshall

Finding this amazing and idiotic video from The Brothers Marshall was rather timely, as only last week I was re-watching an old episode of High Shredablity on VBS featuring Chad Marshall (whatever happened to HiShred btw? Jake Burghart did a solid job with that show.) Anyway in that film they quote the bros Marshall as […]


UNIV x Hosoi Hammerhead Surfboard, yes I said ‘surfboard’

Some how this slipped under my radar until now, which is a shame as its just about the most wonderful thing I’ve seen in a very long time. Amazingly a classic Christian Hossi Hammerhead skateboard profile can not only look like a rad surfboard but from the looks of this ace film it actually rips […]


Alex Frings Photography

The way we devour images thanks to Tumblr and Instagram can be a disorienting experience, sometimes and it takes something really special to jump out from the visual clutter. Thats what happened when I chanced upon Alex Frings photography. Explore more of his work via his Instagram and website, be below are a few of […]