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Verana Hotel – Mexico

Are you sat at home or work reading this post, thinking you need a holiday? Well just wait until you seen this joint. Nestled in the coastal mountains just outside of Puerta Vallarta, Mexico this is probably the closest thing I’ve seen to paradise. I’ve spent a fair bit time around in and around that […]


Nathan Sadoun by Sebastien Zanella

Holy crap just blown away by these photos from Sebastien Zanella of Nathan Sadoun, making surfing a less than perfect day in France look, well just perfect. I’ve just found theses on the ever amazing DSLmag.


Rubber Soul from The Critical Slide Society

Well its finally starting to feel like we’ve made it through winter, the waters getting warmer and the evenings longer. The inevitable downside is our waves becoming smaller and less frequent. So if like me you’re thinking of pissing off to Europe to score some better waves this rad video from TCSS featuring Mick Rodgers […]


Where does the ‘wow’ come from? Hiroki Nakamura – Visvim

I love that line that I’ve just read in this inspiring and insightful interview with Visvim el capitano Hiroki on Hypebeast. It’s very thought provoking in what makes us go ‘wow what is that? I must have it’ and if you’re of the collecting persuasion, the constant pursuit of that feeling whilst rummaging in car […]


Curt – The story of surfings oldest grom

In the wake of Mick Fannings miraculous shark escape, this film appeared and shows a much more subtle example of a mans life being saved by surfing. This wonderful documentary by Brendan Hearne documenting Curt Harper is the most heart warming, life affirming film I’ve seem in a very long time. Watching this makes me […]


Ming Nomchong – Photographer par excellence

A friend showed me this interview on with Ming Nomchong, who’s the raddest travel, surf photog I’ve seen for a while. The light and space in these shots could only be NSW, theres something very special about that place, very lush and unique, kinda like Cherry Ripes. Anyway enough confectionary nostalgia, drink in some […]


Alex Frings Photography

The way we devour images thanks to Tumblr and Instagram can be a disorienting experience, sometimes and it takes something really special to jump out from the visual clutter. Thats what happened when I chanced upon Alex Frings photography. Explore more of his work via his Instagram and website, be below are a few of […]


Sriracha Sauce, Bali and Beastie Boys

This interesting article decoding the classic Sriracha label recently popped up on the excellent Cool Material, well it got me thinking just how long I’ve spent staring at that bottle. It reminds me of The Streets lyric ‘Chatting shit, sitting at the wall table telling jokes playing with the salt, lookin’ out the window’. I […]


Swrve Deck Jacket – Brand heads up and review

I came across the cycling apparel brand Swrve via a random Pinterest search result (take note brands not using good old Pinterest). Ideally I was after something that would look like a Barbour or Belstaff off the bike, but be light and have all the features of a cycling jacket. A pretty impossible search I […]


Biarritz 1966

“Biarritz was at the crossroads of the world then, filled with adventurers of all kinds, college people of all kinds seeking traces of Hemingway, Beatniks looking for a novel idea, draftees on the run, dealers of Moroccan hash and, of course, surfers from everywhere in the world. I think that, according to my folks, it […]