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Common place to classic

Just browsing Speedhunters I found this excellent pic of some vintage Landcruisers and it struck my how quickly some vehicles can go from being common place to classic and how short that tipping point is. I remember a friend picking up one of these 1980′s Land Cruisers not so long ago for about the cost […]


Slammed Land Rover and pumped up Toyota Celica

Catchy post title hey? Although I guess you could sum up these two rides with a play on the phrase, ‘what goes up should come down and vice versa’. Slammed Land Rovers have been popping up here and there for a few years but it seems Bryns Series 1 is still the benchmark of ridiculous […]


Silver and Gold

Beautiful combo if used selectively, like on these pair of classics. 911 via Werks Crew and the Yama via Deus

Biker stripes

Black and yellow stripes

I remember seeing these guys and their crew at Revival this year. Their Chino inspired vintage denim and striped tops looked cool and really stood out amongst the rest of the greasers there. More Revival outfits here Levis vintage also do a pretty authentic take on this look here


Blue smoke, blue jeans

Haven’t been able to stop gazing at this shot since I discovered it on the excellent MKSIM blog.


Range Rover x Pendleton one off

How can one improve upon a soft dash Range Rover? Its a tough question but how about re-trimming the interior with Pendleton fabric? Yeah thats probably going to be one of the few upgrades that could possibly improve on near perfection. The full story of how Eva came to create such a perfect ride is […]


Blundstones, bikes and Iggy

Do you ever get that when feeling when you start obsessing about something you, then start seeing the subject of your obsessing everywhere? This normally happens to me with cars or motorcycles but its recently happened with Blundstone boots. I was looking at my perennial Red Wing boots on their sixth Winter and I figured […]


Interview: Ben Part – Sideburn

Here are Wheels on Toast we’re huge magazine fans, always have been, always will be. That feeling of getting a new magazine, smelling the print, straining the spine open for the first time, its just rad. I’ve always had to buy a lot of different mags to cover all my interests and Sideburn has always […]


Snow Quake: Like Dirt Quake with, err snow!

I’ve been impatiently waiting to see some footage from Sideburns Snow Quake, after getting all hyped up by the run up and during Instagrams thats have been dropping through from Wheels on Toast favs Death Spray Custom, Nick Ashley. So here it is, this looked like a shitload of fun on spikes, theres a great […]


Antoine Gaslais Prints and Porsche

Really pleased to discover the latest Petrolicious video sheds some more light on this very familiar old Porker, seriously if you browse through instagram #WheelsandWaves this lovely Bahama Yellow Porsche 912 is probably the most photographed ride at that event. Its really good to finally learn about its providence from owner Antoine Gaslais and see […]