Kurt Cobain – Sartorial Pissings

Posted on March 2, 2017 in Art, Design, Fashion, Music, People — Share this via


I was embarrassing pleased with that terrible pun in the title so please feel free to internally groan. After years of denial I can now say I was proud to have been growing up at the height of the G word. I saw Nirvanas legendary first show at Reading on an overcast Friday afternoon aged nearly 15 years old. One year later back at the same festival I was far too cool to bother walking from the campsite to watch them headline and opted for taking acid and listening to some forgettable mixtape in a car park. My loss but I’ll never forget being within feet of Kurt diving into the crowd at that pre-hysteria Reading, as seen in those legendary photos.

Anyway the article thats inspired this post on GoodHood was too good and amazed me with the detail and nuances covered. Although it was the incredible illustrations by Sarah Larnach that grabbed my attention first. So please click this link as read some of the most detailed explorations into Kurt Cobains style choices and be wowed by some beautiful illustrations. LINK




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