New denim day: Whistles x Edwin collaboration

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My little girl once asked me on the way to school, “why don’t you have to wear a uniform to work?” To which I replied “I DO!” Its an oxford shirt, sneakers and a pair of jeans. Majority of the time you’ll find me in the studio in that get up, and I think its been like that since my first pair of raw denim several years ago. Generally I get a new pair every year, and put the miles on them all week, until they’re ready for a soak and retiring to weekend rotation.

I’m pretty loyal to APCs, (though have tried lots of others including Albam, Samurai), but I’ve never had a pair of Edwins, and I’m not sure why? They seem to connected to a bunch of good people from Wheels and Waves, to my favourite local store Pegg & Sons, but for some reason their denim has evaded me so far.

Edwin popped up on my radar again when I heard of a collaboration with Whistles men. Until recently all I knew of Whistles was always finding their website open on the iPad after my girlfriend had used it. So Whistles became my sure thing for her birthdays, Christmas and if I ever needed to top up my surfing hall pass.

Not long ago she pulled the exact same trick by handing me a Whistles carrier bag, whilst informing me she’d arranged a ‘girls lunch’ the next day. I should point out the term ‘girls lunch’ actually means, pre-lunch coffee with her bestie, then actual lunch until its early evening cocktail time, followed by a late supper and more drinks until last orders, then maybe a quick dance somewhere before crashing into the house at 3am, burning toast and tripping over the cat! Anyway to butter me up for the childcare during this carnage she got me a very nice, Whistles Mens shirt. I liked it a lot and its quickly became my favourite.

Since then other Whistles mens items have crept into my wardrobe and I’ve always been impressed with the attention to detail and their modern, classic feel. So this union between Edwin seemed the obvious choice for the next years denim. Heres some details.

Fit: These are based on Edwins ED80 fit, which I’d say is similar to APC New Standards, slim cut (but not skinny) with a little more tapper in the ankle, quite a lot of length but fine with turn ups. The 12oz Milanese selevedge denim feels good and as it should, I’m glad they’re not too heavy, which makes them great for daily wear. As I break them in I’m expecting some give in the denim, but they’re not quite as ball crushing as others I’ve had so I’m hoping they don’t give out much more and hold this initial fit.

Details: These are full of nice design touches, like any good collaboration, they’ve started with a solid product and subtly tweaked to make them special. The white selvedge edge ties in nicely with Whistles minimalist branding, and I love the Japanese stencilled printing on the pocket linings, even though no one will see it. The denim is original shuttle loam woven and apparently seven times indigo dipped to give better patina, which I guess only time will tell.

Theres nothing like new denim day and at the moment they feel very new and crisp, but that’ll soon change once daily life starts to leave its grubby marks. I’ll keep you updated on their wear and tear progress via Instagram and Twitter. Go find out more here.

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