Where does the ‘wow’ come from? Hiroki Nakamura – Visvim

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I love that line that I’ve just read in this inspiring and insightful interview with Visvim el capitano Hiroki on Hypebeast. It’s very thought provoking in what makes us go ‘wow what is that? I must have it’ and if you’re of the collecting persuasion, the constant pursuit of that feeling whilst rummaging in car boot fairs, thrift stores and anywhere in fact.

We all seem the be hoarders of some level nowadays though, I think it’s unavoidable. If you’re ‘into something’ you need stuff to be able to do the thing in most cases. Like you don’t just buy a motorcycle or a bicycle, you need a helmet too, then some gloves, a jacket, a few magazines and a tee? Next thing you know you’re on eBay looking at another new bike, maybe even a van to carry all your bikes around in, you get the picture. We seem to find comfort in surrounding ourselves with the things we hope define us.

Hiroki Nakamura creative director of Visvim has the collecting gene bad, I mean I can bet most people wouldn’t consider buy a 200 year old, two ton safe without have any need for such an item? In this excellent article you can find out why, and how the things he obsessively picks up on his travels inspire Visvims collections. Even if you don’t know Visvim, its a must read if you’re remotely interested in anything vintage.

So get comfy for 20 mins, make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy this amazing article, and I’ll see you on eBay right after;)

Full article here

Photos source: Hypebeast

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