Fuck Thats Delicious: Action Bronson & Brick Lane Bagels

Posted on November 13, 2014 in Food & Liquor, Music — Share this via

Vice are really onto something with the Munchies website, well I always seem to be watching on of their films and I guess I’m not the only one. Anyway one of their highlights is always Action Bronsons show ‘Fuck thats delicious’. If you haven’t seen it before theres a whole archive for you discover. But this particular episodes is a stand out notably for featuring Lee Tiernon, this guys cooking looks so natural, schooled at St John of Stitalfields, now working out of a night club garden in Copenhagen, theres lots more about him to discover on Munchies. I’ve also included the London episode too, purely as it feature my own personal food obsession and thats a salt beef bagel From Bagel Bake on Brick lane. I daren’t begin to think who many of these things I’ve eaten over the years, but every time I have one its like the first time. If I had to take any visitor to London to eat the first stop would be a Brick Lane bagel.

Bon appetit, just make sure you’ve eaten before you watch this.

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