Play Fugazi loud (and drink green tea)

Posted on August 12, 2016 in Music — Share this via


I always try to get into the studio really early at least a few mornings a week, so I can be alone and play music very loud, before everyone else comes in and starts moaning about Black Sabbath or Moodyman playing too loud whilst they’re trying to work (work, pah, losers). So this morning Fugazi popped up on shuffle and whilst sipping my green tea and listening to Waiting Room I thought to myself a. This is about as straight edge as I’ve ever come and b. That crunchy Fugazi guitar sound is one of my favourites. So I went on a quick search for what kit Ian from Fugazi used (see above) and lo and behold I discovered this treasure trove of rigs and axes (thats the cool name for guitar and amps, right?) with killer illustrations by Adam Cooper, see them all here. Theses also a couple of my other guitar heroes choices below.

Graham Coxon (from Blur) set up


Jimi Hendrix (from the Sixties, man) set up


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