Zane Lowe & Rick Rubin

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I’ve just listened to Zane Lowes last radio show. Its Friday afternoon, the first rays of springtime sun are shining through the studio so I’m feeling quite benevolent towards Zane, although some of his musical alliances I can never forgive, (Mumfords, Pendulum, Muse, I could list more) but thats just personal taste. The bottom line is you can’t question his passion and enthusiasm. I recently read a good Guardian interview with him in which he explains his puppy like enthusiasm. “There are days I wish I could be critical about things, because I really wish I could show that side of me,” he says. “Days I think it would be really good to be a dick about a record! But I sort of figured out early on that to go into a situation where you have freedom of playlist and then play a song by someone that you don’t like is kind of more arrogant than to go in and say, ‘This is great! This is great! This is great …’ because my job here is to give you the great.”

Anyway I’ve discovered more ‘great’ records via his radio show than I can moan about and I really do think its’ll be difficult to replace him, and as much as I’ve shouted at the radio whilst cooking supper I will genuinely miss him shouting in my kitchen. Also the Masterpieces things was/is some of the best radio I’ve heard in years. Heres a brilliant video of him touring Rick Rubins Malibu studio and a dead good interview with old Rick. Cheers Zane.

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