Latest Profile – The Hermit & the Libertine

"Bodysurfing offers an intense surfing experience in which you access a more holistic connection with the wave and experience the seas behaviour on a more intimate level."

Talent and tragedy: Ali Boulala – Epicly Later’d

It seems an injustice to try and briefly sum up the story of Ali Boulala, but some of you will not know who he is and I REALLY want you to watch these, so for those who do know forgive me for being so brief and blunt but here goes. Ali was possibly one of […]


Where does the ‘wow’ come from? Hiroki Nakamura – Visvim

I love that line that I’ve just read in this inspiring and insightful interview with Visvim el capitano Hiroki on Hypebeast. It’s very thought provoking in what makes us go ‘wow what is that? I must have it’ and if you’re of the collecting persuasion, the constant pursuit of that feeling whilst rummaging in car […]


Februarys forgotten gems mix 2016

So to celebrate posting this on a Friday and to pull you out of the February doldrums we dug in to archives to cut together a mix. No real theme for this one, just a bunch of good vibe songs that we haven’t heard for ages, does it need to be anymore complicated than that? […]


Music & surfing, Salvaged gets it right.

Watching someone glide across a chrome wave, rhythmically flowing from top to bottom has got to be one of the most perfect imagery to accompany music, but how come so many surf films use such terrible songs? Well you’re going to say music is subjective, right? That Trustafarian with an acoustic guitar by the campfire […]


Honest Jons Records via MoWax

I came across this incredibly detailed and interesting article about Honest Jons Record Shop after a series of funny texts with my mate Dan (everyones got a mate called Dan right?). I discovered an old mixtape James Lavelle had done for one time super club Cream. It still blew me away some 20 years later, […]


Snow Quake: Like Dirt Quake with, err snow!

I’ve been impatiently waiting to see some footage from Sideburns Snow Quake, after getting all hyped up by the run up and during Instagrams thats have been dropping through from Wheels on Toast favs Death Spray Custom, Nick Ashley. So here it is, this looked like a shitload of fun on spikes, theres a great […]


A short film on Texas surfing

Two of my favourite things feature pretty heavily in this film, the riding of Longboard surf craft and the musical stylings of Future Islands. Makes me wonder why do so many surf films still use such awful music when its so easy to get right, just use Future Islands, or anything from 1969 by The […]


Antoine Gaslais Prints and Porsche

Really pleased to discover the latest Petrolicious video sheds some more light on this very familiar old Porker, seriously if you browse through instagram #WheelsandWaves this lovely Bahama Yellow Porsche 912 is probably the most photographed ride at that event. Its really good to finally learn about its providence from owner Antoine Gaslais and see […]


Wheels on Toast: Tracks of 2105

Here our list of sounds (in no particular order) that have been resonating around the studio over the last 12 months. We’ll not get too hung up on being exactly in what is a ’2015 release’, I’ll leave that kind of thing to the proper musical commentators end of year lists. So you can categorise […]