Honest Jons Records via MoWax

Posted on February 5, 2016 in Music, People — Share this via

I came across this incredibly detailed and interesting article about Honest Jons Record Shop after a series of funny texts with my mate Dan (everyones got a mate called Dan right?). I discovered an old mixtape James Lavelle had done for one time super club Cream. It still blew me away some 20 years later, so I shot it over to my pal Dan who not only loved the mix too but also highlighted a very funny YouTube comment from some guy who clearly isn’t the MoWax founders biggest fan. A quick visit to the page should reveal the quote I’m referring to (clue: it features the words cunt and kicking) but it had myself and Dan in stitches. This inspired a quick revisit into Mr Lavelles past and it turned out that James worked at Honest Jon and thats how I lost and hour of today reading this brilliant article on our most iconic record shop.

Anyway you can hear the mix below and the full Honest Jons article from Resident Advisor is here too. Photo by Sophia Spring

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