Must see: The Was – Avalanches & SodaJerk

Posted on July 12, 2016 in Art, Movies, Music, People — Share this via


Whoa! Like Whoa!! Its all I could initially muster after seeing this incredible film by Australian video collective SodaJerk. The combination of The Avalanches new music (which I’ve been waiting for for about 15 years) scoring a mash up of clips from what feels like my personal video and dvd collection, where do I begin? I won’t even try, just watch it and if you’re disappointed you’re a fool!

The credits show a definitive list of movies featured but I was personally stoked to spot a few more obscure personal favs such as Psychomania, Somewhere, Reality Bites and Go. But its the little details such as Phase2 tag on the subway train that make this much such a love letter for my generation who grew up obsessing over these films, actors, artists and musicians. Its too much, I’ve gotta lay down!

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