Steve Rocco: The man who souled the world

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Finally managed to watch all this documentary and hands down its one of the most fascinating skate films I’ve ever watched.

Essentially it charts the rise of street skating in late 80s/ early 90’s and follows the birth of the brands that made up World Industries. Heres a few reason why its rad.

1. Steve Rocco undoubted pissed off a lot of people, but still manages to comes across okay, in a man on a mission kinda way.
2. The crushing of the then mighty Powell by a bunch of dudes fucking around is pretty entertaining.
3. Being reminded of just how exciting and extreme the graphics were around that era. (‘Whats so scary about a skull?’ is a brilliant line)
4. Rodney Mullen is the sweetest, most humble chap ever.
5. The 101 Satan board story is amazing.
6. Its outrageous to think we skated in pants that big with wheels so small.
7. There was a lot of weed smoked back then.
8. Skip Engblom is always cool.

If you grew up skating though the late 80s early 90s period like I did, then you’ll really appreciate this film and be just as nostalgic as those old(er) dudes crying about the recent Bones Brigade film.

This this is a cool illustration of all the plates thes we’re being spun by Rocco.

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