Talent and tragedy: Ali Boulala – Epicly Later’d

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It seems an injustice to try and briefly sum up the story of Ali Boulala, but some of you will not know who he is and I REALLY want you to watch these, so for those who do know forgive me for being so brief and blunt but here goes. Ali was possibly one of the most gifted skateboarders of his time, at the height of his game he crashed a motorcycle whilst drunk, putting himself in a coma and killing his friend and fellow pro skater Shane Cross, who was the pillion rider.

These four short films tell the story of Ali before and after the tragedy. They’re so heartfelt and honest, these shorts go much deeper than skateboarding, tackling addiction, guilt, obsession and fun, it deserves to be a full documentary in its own right.

Well bloody done Pat, I say this everytime but best EL yet, this’ll be hard to top. All Epicly lated’s are here

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

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