Lluís Safont Designer, Maker

As a surfer, surf wax is one of these things you kind of take for granted and don't think much about (until you run out that is). Although that wasn't the case for Lluis, founder of BCN wax who created his own for surfing and skating, inspired by his home city of Barcelona. Find out more below.



Who is behind BCN Wax?

Christian Beltri from Barcelona-based design studio CONSPIRACY Studio, as Art Director, Marc Conca from Agua de Surf Collective and SURFCITY Festival as Marketing & Communications Manager and me, Lluís Safont, Founder of the brand.

What made you want to make your own wax?

Surfing and skateboarding are part of our lives for decades, and new challenges demand new solutions. Here’s how BCNWAX born, for the need to provide grip and stability needed between the board and feet, just as does the Panot in urban land. (The Panot is a flower-shaped pavement covering all sidewalks of Barcelona created by Gaudí)
Paraffin designed from the creative heritage of our ancestors and made with natural and biodegradable products, and of course, 100% handmade in Barcelona.
Agua de Surf Collective, SURFCITY Festival organizer, invited me to participate in one of their exhibitions with my work. I had visited one of the previous exhibitions and I could see the high level of the artists, and this made me think very much about what I should show in my participation. At the first moment I had no clue, but one day when I was on my way to surf, I step with my bare feet the most typical Panot of our city, and the idea simply came to me. After the success of the wax in the exhibition, I continued with the project.

Whats the method in making your wax and is it a difficult process?

There is no invention in the method; we have a good formula based on paraffin, coconut oil and natural resin, paraffin 70% organic.

I love the smell of most surf wax but what make yours smell so good?

The smells that we use are:
Base – Coconut
Tropical – Pineapple
Warm – Bubble Gum
Cool – Watermelon
Cold – Coconut

How do you go about testing, do you support any skaters or surfers?

Currently only have ambassadors to help us with our project, but when we can we want to have a small team of riders.


I love the simple, modern branding, who did this for you?

Christian Beltri, our Art Director from CONSPIRACY Studio, made the branding. To know the origin of BCNWAX need to travel in a time machine, place the computer clock on board in 1906 and stop in the city of Barcelona: We are in the early twentieth century and the city faces one of the most important urban challenges in its history: the paving and urbanization of the streets. For this, a group of entrepreneurs and modernist architects, hipsters of time, develop new architectural concepts based on Nature. And provide various solutions to the pavement of the city, including the Panot. A hydraulic cement tile of 20×20 inches with low relief with flower shape and four petals. Only caught part of our legacy, the Panot a fragment of our city with 113 years of history.

Do you have an ethos behind the brand or and particular vision?

There is a spirit with 113 years of history, a modern and functional design that remains in force. Today, the Panot occupies about five million square meters of floor Barcelona. And it is one of the iconographic symbols of the city par excellence, a legacy that now form our passion.

Whats the Barcelona surf scene like, is it mostly shortboarders or is there a retro/ longboard scene?

Majority much shortboard but there are a growing market of lovers of the long or retro surf. The Mediterranean does not give you many perfect days to surfing with short.

Other than Barcelona where is your favourite place to surf?

It depends, if you ask me the north of Barcelona would say on the Costa Brava, Santa Cristina or La Fosca, and if you ask me the south I should say that the coast of Tarragona.

I don’t know much about skate wax, other than when we were kids we’d steal our mums candles from home to wax the local curbs:) But I guess it does the opposite of surf wax which provides traction whereas skate wax makes curbs more slippy, right?

Yes, if you want to grind any street module you will need to give wax for slide your skate well. It’s true, we can always catch any wax for waxing a module but not all are of good quality. We have worked hard to provide a high quality product that is very practical, you can carry it in your pocket, this stands out of the rest of waxes, so our mothers will not be left without candles at home.


Whats the skating scene like in BCN currently, I remember lots of friends from London making trips to skate the city?

The current scene in Barcelona is still in the TOP, we have a city full of spots and as the city is in full expansion, and rehabilitation new places to skate continue to emerge. They are also building a lot of new skateparks, in especially my favorite is La Marbella.
Other than the skating and surf Barcelonas a wonderful city for music, I’ve many great memories of trips to Sonar Festival in particular, do you guys ever go?
Yes, long before it became so popular, when the party became popular stop being nice. Now there are many more festivals with stunning billboards each month.

What music are you currently listening to?

I’m not fond of the current Spanish music, most sincerely can not bear, but there are classics that are second to none, root themes that are part of our lives and sculpt our history. I listen to all kinds of music from the more obscure PunkRock Minimal … … Everyday, I explore endlessly Soundcloud and Spotify in search of new songs. I would lack a million life to enjoy both musical art.

I’ve socialised a lot in Barcelona, I especially love El Raval district, but where would you recommend to go eat and drink in your city?

Barcelona has lots of good places for eat, when you’ll come to visit Barcelona, I’ll be happy to take you to my favorite places!!