Woll Beer

Geoff Sipoir & Jacques Korn Brewers

Everyone loves beer, right? Even writing this is making me want one and its only 9am (maybe I should talk to someone). Anyway you might not have heard of Woll beer, but if you’re into Longboard surfing or custom motorcycles you will have probably seen their brews in the hands of many rad folks. We fired some questions at Geoff and Jacques, Wolls founders and this is what came back.



Who’s behind Woll and how’d you get the brand started?

Geoff + Jacques, The brand was started as a fun project. The only way to follow a project as that one. See our press info (here). It’ s the truth !

Who or what are a few of your most inspirational brands or people?

Jacques: Jesus, Jesus, Jesus and my wife. I am not at all religious, but Jesus was a great guy and dont forget « Jesus loves beer « Otherwise I like small brands, which are not well known, but who got a lot of young inspiration and good vibes. I think we get a lot of strength with our own inspiration. Everybody have to do this. Believe in something and it will happen.
Geoff: All the brands with a spirit, Woll Beer is not just a beer, but a spirit…

I’ve only found your beer in the UK at the Coast surf shop, any plans for a greater presence in the UK?

Yes for sure, but as times go by. We didn’ t found for instant the right partner who got the same mentality and the same spirit


You support some really rad surfers including our own James Parry, how do you go about hooking up with riders?

We see us as a big family. We try to support them with beer, good vibes and love and they support us with there happiness

Other that your own which beers would you recommend?

There a lot of good beers from our friends in California with their micro breweries, but as we replied at the question for brands. The most important is, that they got the right spirit. Everybody who take the risk to create something new, if its beer or another thing is worth to taste.

Whats your preference when it comes to surfboards, which shapers or brands do you rate?

Jacques: Personally I like longboards. Gato heroi, Almond, a nice Josh Hall, but for the instant I ride a board, which iI love and which my partner Geoff shaped for me. Will be our next big buzz.
Geoff : My own shape and few shapers like, Robin Kegel, Skip Frye, Donald Takayama, Matt Biolos…


We’re really into our wheels here, what cars or bikes are in your garage / driveway?

Jacques: I am more fixie then cars, so I got a lot of different fixes in my garage, which I assemble myself. If not we have a really rad Twingo, 20 years old to transport our 5 dogs and a 1961 Vespa. II If I got the time I would preparate a BMW and the lasting dream is a Ford Econoline XL Supervan from the 60’ s. One day !
Geoff. : Vespa 66 // A Jacques dog !!

You’ve been pretty involved with Wheels and Waves are there any particularly memorable moments that spring to mind?

Yes, all moments. Every time there are a lot of great people, great music end great bikes


Tell us somewhere good to eat in Hossegor?

Wow, good question. I think you have to come at my house, to have a really good meal. hehe, Otherwise, go to the SURFING or to NORI BOY. The do some real good dishes, from indonesia to a fine packed Hamburger, especially if Woodie ( surfing ) and Neal ( Nori Boy ) are cooking.
and then have a delicious latte macchiato, Frapuccino or Latcha Mate in our shop AllGood, which we openend beginning of this year.

And somewhere great to get drunk?

If its only for hossegor, I think still the SURFING for passing a good time and for sure having a Woll. If not in Guethary go to the CENITZ, which is a great spot, where you could surf in front and have a beer.

Visit www.wollbeer.com

Photo credits: Mathieu Lodin / Julien Binet / Cyrus Korn