Micheal Fordham – California Road Trip

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Following on from my last Cali centric post heres another Brits romantic view of surfing in California. I liked this films general vibe and props to Micheal Fordham for getting The Guardian to bank roll it (I s’pose thats what happened). I spent a little while reading the comments on the Guardian website and there were some real dicks on there. So what if he caught one sketchy wave (who hasn’t) and if the films title is a little misleading, neither of these make him a kook. The sources he interviewed were highly credible and I doubt any of these keyboard hereos cussing him have travelled to war torn regions in the name of surfing. Though I thought it would have been funny if Joel had got him in a suprise headlock during the interview, also why didn’t he get the red log in the end?

Stoopid embed code won’t work so watch it HERE.

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