Music & surfing, Salvaged gets it right.

Posted on February 10, 2016 in Music, Surf — Share this via

Watching someone glide across a chrome wave, rhythmically flowing from top to bottom has got to be one of the most perfect imagery to accompany music, but how come so many surf films use such terrible songs? Well you’re going to say music is subjective, right? That Trustafarian with an acoustic guitar by the campfire thinks what he’s playing is perfect to accompany his mates latest GoPro footage. Well he’d be wrong, its fucking awful, we all hate you! So in an altruistic spirt to those losers who get it wrong, I present this film by Harrison Roach, which has some of the finest sliding accompanied by a perfect soundtrack, Ft amongst others BadBadNotGood, Connan Mockasin and Fela Kuti. Enjoy and take note surf film makers. Film supported by Deus, also featuring the graphic stylings of one Stevie Gee.

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