Ozzie Wright on The Selby & Dr Martins in skateboarding

Posted on July 8, 2014 in Fashion, Skate, Surf — Share this via

Ozzie-WrightI dropped by the The Selby as its been a while and revisited this tour of Ozzie Wrights gaff in Sydney. Its as rad and random as you’d imagine. Go have a look here. It was also a timely chance to have a rewind of this cool film about him on Desillusion magazine a while back.

Seeing Ozzie skate in DMs in that film also reminded me of Bill Danforth, the only other person I could remember skating in such unorthodox footwear. It turns out a bunch of other folks have also skated in Dr Martin boots including such rad dudes Ethan Fowler and Matt Hensley, as told in this ace article from Chris Warsops blog. Read it here

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