Peninsula and other Italian surfing goodness

Posted on March 20, 2014 in Movies, Surf, Travel — Share this via

I had a few nice tweets with David Pecchi earlier this year, who’s a lovely chap and one of the folks involved and featured in Peninsula, a surf movie I’ve been waiting a quite a long time to see. Anyway it would seem its due out really soon, so it gives me an opportunity to post this article from the archives over onto the new site. What you’ll read below was originally posted around last June just so you know.

Having recently come back from Sardinia I’ve feel a great affection for Italy and its surf community. Even though it doesn’t have quite the same profile as other countries in Europe the people I’ve met and chatted surf with are just as passionate and just as rad. In fact forget I said anything, theres no surf in Italy, stick to Spain or Portugal, or maybe France, yeah you lot go to France I’ll be fine in Italy;)

This looks a great film, shame its not out until next year.

Since posting this I’ve found this additional slice of Italian surfing goodness staring Chris Del Moro. Looks incredible too with the seal of quality coming from the makers of One California Day, one of my all time fav surf flicks.

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