Peninsula Holding Company

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I was turned onto this video by one of my favourite corners of the internet, MKSIM. Max who run MKSIM has got impeccable taste in motorcycles and surfboards so it was no surprise to come across this film by Peninsula Holding Company on his site. I was a big fan of PHC back when they used to run The Goons are Dead blog/site, but that disappeared a while ago so I thought they’d dropped off the radar. Therefore I was super stoked to see this film of text book logging from Trey Edwards, and after a quick visit to the PHC Facebook I’m glad to see they’re also still making surfboards.


Other than the impeccable surfing always on displayed in Peninsular related films they also have some of the best taste in music to accompany the footage. Ariel Pinks Haunted Graffiti often feature, as well as other off centre electronica cuts, very refreshing and very untypical for surf vids. Anyway this film is perfect to get those summer vibes stiring, especially when we’re still surfing in 5mm of rubber here in the UK. Check out more of Treys films here.


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