Punks, Poets and Promos: Ft. Stance and Mitch Abshere

Posted on February 6, 2015 in Art, Fashion, People, Skate, Surf — Share this via

Its a fine line to tread when brands put together promo films, I saw an example this week featuring a very well respected street skater by a very large footwear brand. Normally I’m onboard with both subjects output, but this time it was way off. Too much product, not enough meat if you get what I mean.

This does lead me onto Stance promos which I always look forward to seeing, always lovingly produced, not too heavy on the product and unlike many brand affiliated promos they always present some genuinely interesting narrative, whether you know anything about the subject or not. You can check them all out here

This Mitch Abshere film from their Punks and Poets series is certainly my favourite. Its quite old now but I like to watch this every few months or so, if only to remind myself that just because someone else does something one way its not necessarily the only way. Mitch Abshere and Stance are both perfect embodiments of this spirit.

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