Shawn Stussy, then and now.

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I came across these two interviews within a fews days of each other so it seemed obvious to stick them together to bookend the importance of the Stussy brand to me personally.

I remember this BBC film when it was on TV and it blowing my mind. This was pre Internet so the only way I’d have seen Stussy gear was in the odd skate or style mag, so seeing these rad images on TV was really rare.

Forwarded 20 odd years and heres a brilliant recent interview with Shawn, its a really good read especially his insights about the new generation of surf/style brands and where his heads at today. READ IT HERE
Theres also this lovely video in the interview showing him at work in the S/Double studio. I fucking love seeing him in the shaping booth, mowing foam in an Oxford Shirt and what looks like a Rolex, Shawns never gonna be your typical shaper, others need to up their sartorial game.

I had a quick browse of the current S/Double clothing range and there are some lovely pieces perfect for us ageing grommets. I also see hes still making a classic letterman jacket, funny how twenty years ago I’d have killed for one and having seen this latest version I still kinda feel the same today.

Trends and brands come and go but I’m still really glad Shawn Stussys influence is still prevalent in my life, even if its just occasionally dropping by his blog to see his preference in cars and girls. Visit it here

‘Increase the peace’

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