Some more love for SaturdaysNYC

Posted on August 3, 2013 in Surf — Share this via


Wow look at this new Saturdays store in Kobe, looks incredible doesn’t it? I’m so glad to see how well their original aesthetic is holding up, it still looks brilliant especially in this new store. More pics here

When I first discovered their original NYC store some three or four years ago it really blew me away. Since then they’ve curated a bunch of really interesting events and exhibitions. Supported and stocked a host of independent brands and surfboard board shapers. Established a full range of ‘surf apparel’ that doesn’t make you look like a dick. And generally had their original concept ripped off by countless other less imaginative surf shops/brands.

Now I know Saturdays weren’t the first people to sell surfboards, coffee and vibes but they’ve certainly capitalised on the groundswell (sic) of interest, I’ve even seen their range is now stocked by Selfridges in London. Some cynics will think that sucks but I think its a great achievement for a start-up brand and just means its much more convenient to get my hands on their threads.

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