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I’ve had a patchy surfing year in 2014 to say the least, with the exception of a few local highlights and trips to Sardinia and Basque country, my 2014 surfing sucked. This was thanks to limited local waves, work bullshit, chaotic & traumatic personal life and an injured & ageing body.

So when this guys image popped up on the interweb it inspired me to get out there more this year and not let flotsam and jetsam of life and physicality hinder me in 2015.

Thanks to google image search I tracked down the rider so majestically sliding along this glorious little wave as Russell ‘Raz’ Holder. Heres a link to his website which is kinda baffling, but whilst was there I saw a bunch of choppers, cars and Raz doing 100mph on a jet ski?! Its a rabbit hole worth disappearing down should you feel so inclined.

So I guess the point of this post is to remind me to quit whining and make to most of what I have whilst I’ve got it. Because dudes like Raz and Derek Hyde in my last post (read here) are way older than me and thats not stopping them getting much radder than I was in 2014.

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