Twin and Fin Less // || \\ Tyler Warren and Derek Hynd

Posted on January 4, 2015 in Movies, Surf — Share this via

Wow this is the kind of surf film that gets me seriously frothing, for me it doesn’t require huge waves, ball shrinking drops or air time. Its all about the flow and these two fellas have it in spades. Also the moody, grainy photography and plodding doom rock soundtrack make this irresistible to me.

This video is also featured here on Surfer Magazine with an ace little bio about Derek Hynd including this cool list of Hynd facts (2015 seems already to be the year of the list)

-He was born in a place called Castlecrag.
-He lost his right eye in a surf contest in 1980 when his board hit him in the face.
-He somehow finished the next year ranked #7 in the world.
-He was married in 1989, on Halloween.
-He was Occy’s surf coach for a time (Easiest job in the world).
-He started Rip Curl’s “The Search” program, indirectly creating the best surf movie series of the 1990s.
-He has not gone left since the early ’80s (might not be true)

All this finless sliding has got me even more excited about snagging one of Tom Wengers SeaGlass Albacore.

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