Valley Kooks: Malibu and Brothers Marshall

Posted on May 18, 2015 in Surf — Share this via

Finding this amazing and idiotic video from The Brothers Marshall was rather timely, as only last week I was re-watching an old episode of High Shredablity on VBS featuring Chad Marshall (whatever happened to HiShred btw? Jake Burghart did a solid job with that show.) Anyway in that film they quote the bros Marshall as ‘top of the pecking order at First Point Malibu’ which is a pretty high compliment. In that case its only right for the self proclaimed ‘Valley Kooks’ to put out this frankly ridiculous video of kook filled absurdity. Some of these drop-ins, t-bones and water based stupidity will have you wincing and smiling in equal parts.

Finally in this jumbled love letter to Malibu is a film featuring Charlie ‘Bro’ Smith goofing around with The Marshalls at the same Malibu break. Its extra special for using the ace New Order track ‘Perfect Kiss’, just the thought of grumpy Manc Bernard Sumner, moaning at the beach and applying sun block makes me smile. Also I can’t believe how pissed off the girl on the longboard is, she’s so mean its kinda hot.

Their ace new website can be found here.

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