Verana Hotel – Mexico

Posted on December 10, 2016 in Surf, Travel — Share this via

Are you sat at home or work reading this post, thinking you need a holiday? Well just wait until you seen this joint. Nestled in the coastal mountains just outside of Puerta Vallarta, Mexico this is probably the closest thing I’ve seen to paradise. I’ve spent a fair bit time around in and around that part of Mexico but never quite in such salubrious surroundings. Its safe to say its shot straight back to the top of ‘must revisit list’ now I’ve seen Verana, and the amazing thing is that in the scheme of luxury holidays these apartments have got to be the bargains of the century. Oh and did I mention you’ll also find any number of world class beach and point breaks lining that same stretch of coastline, jus’ saying:) Visit Verana





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