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Appologies for the less than snappy title but what it lacks in punch it at least makes up for in information. Anyway I’ve recently I’ve found myself addicted to a few Intagram accounts ran by fine souls who seem to spend their time photographing or scanning their collections of BMX magazines, for us tragic nostalists to waste our lives pouring over.

First up is UKBMXHistory. It seems all the pages of BMX Action Bike that I had on my wall have recently been returned to me on a daily basis every time I pick up my phone. God some of these shots are so indelibly burned into my brain that it feels like I’ve just put the bloody magazine down, yet it must be 30 years since I’ve seen some of these images. The local BMX track shots are especially good and show a unique British view of BMX at the time, with fully team kitted riders mixing it with estate kids on shitty Burners, wearing Parkas and Doc Martins boots.

SnakebiteBMX and Superexstatic seem a bit more focused on the mid school period and much like in skateboarding, I’m most fascinated with these times. The period when the mainstream lost interest and a handfull of the dedicated underground reclaimed their subcultures and evovled them into what they are today. Its so great to see shots of bashguards, dirt jumping, ClubHomeboy stickers and S&M Holmes all over again.

From both of these accounts via comments and likes you can find quite easily get lost on other IG accounts of those who’ve keep made BMX what it is, and keep it alive and well today. I was particularly stoked to find one of my home town heroes is still riding via instagram, Geth Shooter.

As a footnote a little while ago I contacted Tim Leighton Boyce as I’ve always felt a BMX Action Bike/RAD Magaizne book is well overdue. I got a very nice response letting me know the subject has often been attempted, in the form of an exhibition and/or book but he is only part of the story. TLB has the archive for mostly the skateboarding period i.e. RAD Magazine but old school racer Tim March seems to have the archive for BMXAB and earlier BMX related stuff. We need these guys to get it together so next year I can have an the Anthologoy of BMX Action Bike and RAD magazine book in next years Christmas stocking.

  2 thoughts on “Old/mid-school BMX Instagram goodness

  1. Ed aka superexstatic

    Thanks for the love :-) I gave up bmx to skate in 87 so like you the early midschool stuff really fascinates me – seeing the bikes I would have rode and the riders that would have inspired me if I had only had the foresight to stick with it and not be so fickle in following fashion – what’s done is done tho so I’m making up for it by riding my arse off now …. “We don’t stop having fun because we get old …. We get old because we stop having fun” … Fun rules.

  2. oldtired

    There’s a bunch of us pushing well into our forties still riding and more importantly rediscovering riding, yeah were associated with a collectors circuit that restore and collect all era’s of bmx , some of the bikes will never have a crank turned in anger towards a ramp or pile of dirt , but from this association and initial spark of re-interest, a few of us have met up here and there and slowly created a real riding scene. We have all drifted in and out of bmx over the years like Mr Elastic above , perhaps following tangents spurred from bmx , perhaps just dealing with life , but bmx was always there , slowly steeping in the background, i say steeping , as the desire to ride and push our own limits has only grown stronger as our ages have increased , we may never be able to do back flips but sweating for hours at a time in order to achieve an extra six inches over a jump box , is to us priceless, no one will admit it (you know who you are) but we all know we are lifers , and will ride until we physically can’t .


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