Blundstones, bikes and Iggy

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Do you ever get that when feeling when you start obsessing about something you, then start seeing the subject of your obsessing everywhere? This normally happens to me with cars or motorcycles but its recently happened with Blundstone boots.

I was looking at my perennial Red Wing boots on their sixth Winter and I figured ‘fuck I need a change of boots’ (in a Bill Burr kinda way), and my old Blunnies from my youth mistily came back to mind. Iggy Pop was the reason I bought my first pair, after seeing him wearing a pair in a magazine, ID or The Face or something many moons ago?

So it was serendipitous that when I delved into a quick internet driven trip down memory lane that I would find this recent article with Uncle Ig on NYMag. Talking about his style, and whats known as his ‘Ig Kit’ which is ‘a pair of very, very tight black jeans, balls-tight, and pair of black Blundstones.’ I figured well if Iggys still wearing Blunnies then maybe I should?

Video by Naoto Ono

Around this same time my regular social haunts started to get hyped about a new bike from Ducati called the Scrambler, a retro-mod, soft scrambler which looked good. But the thing that really interested me in all these posts, wasn’t so much the bike, rather there was also a signature boot to go with the bike made by, guess who, yup good old Blundstone. Do you see a pattern forming?

It seemed like over night I couldn’t stop seeing Blunnies, I dropped into Present, my favourite London store and guess what they’d just stated stocking. Even the menswear lightening rod that is David ‘Golden Balls’ Beckham bloody showed up strutting around London and various airports, in a pair of 062’s and slim jeans. (I can’t bring myself to link our blog to anything on the Daily Mail *spits*, but feel free to Google Beckham Blundstone and you’ll find some pics)


Since owning my original pair my lifestyle has evolved to more embrace the qualities that you’ll typically find in Blundstones boots. I think the most outdoor pursuit I ever did in my first pair was to queue up to get into a gig. But nowdays I’m much more likely to be found doing real outdoor stuff, riding bikes, fixing stuff, surfing if I’m lucky, or simply hanging around the yard waiting for my daughters to finish their riding lessons. This kinda environment is tailormade for Blundstones.

I was smitten with the Ducati 800 boots when they arrived, as they essentially looked like my original 500s but with nice details like a splash of colour in the elastic sides, and extra protection for your shifter foot. Blundstone also do a slight more refined model in the 062 which are slightly taller with a chiselled toe, same lovely leather and colours but they feel a bit more rock n roll when compared to the agricultural shape of the 500s. So I was fortunate enough to get both styles and switch them up.

The first thing everyone notices with Blundstones is how lightweight and flexible they are, seriously I’ve got pairs of Vans which feel more cumbersome than these, which goes to explain why even in the height of summer you’ll still find people still wearing them, even with shorts (see Hank Moody ;)

So I think thats enough rambling about my boot nostalgia, suffice to say I’m very happy to have some Blundstones back in my life and like anything worth owning these will only get better with age. Keep dropping by our Instagram and Twitter where we’ll post some wear and tear updates as they happen.

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